MayaSpa Signature Experience
The word Maya means balance. This head to toe treatment includes a Tulasara Facial with Eye Zone Therapy, Aromatherapy Hand, Feet, Decollete & Scalp Treatment as well as Hot Rock Placement for balance and grounding.  80 min:  $180

Stress Reduction
Soothe away the day as our stress melts away. This shoulder, neck and scalp treatment targets the most prevalent areas of tension. Acupressure clears sinuses, relieves pressure on the cervical spine and occipital nerve for a refreshed, serene feeling.
50 minutes:  $105
80 minutes:  $145

Mayaspa Massage
Our signature full body treatment incorporates aromatherapy to awaken the senses and ease the mind while hot rocks are placed along the bodies energy centers to enhance positive energy flow throughout the body.
50 minutes:  $115
80 minutes:  $145

Mayaspa Body Therapy
Discover the benefits of the spa body treatments. Revitalizing and relaxing treatments from nature to you. Your esthetician will consult with you to design a body treatment that includes personalized products, essential oil aromas and techniques.  $135 and up

Mayaspa Body Treatment
Integrate an inner well being with outer appearance. This head to toe treatment for skin rejuvenation and relaxation combines Hot Stone Placement and Aveda Aromatherapy oils to increase the vitality and performance of your skin. Finish off with Aveda Hydrating masque and Scalp Treatment.  $145 and up

Pamper your peds with this rejuvenating massage. Reflexology pressure points of the feet are kneaded with essential oils to improve lymphatic drainage and balance internal organ functions. Experience the feeling of overall health and relaxation that this wonderful treatment provides.
50 min:  $115

Enlivening Back Treatment
Designed to purify and balance the skin on the back, this treatment will focus on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and masque therapy. Perfect if you are having skin challenges on your back, seasonal skin changes or a special occasion.  $105 and up