Vamp It Up This Valentine’s Day with Spa Adriana’s Signature Hair Color Hue, “Red Velvet”

HUNTINGTON, NY – February 6, 2015  – Get glam this Valentine’s Day with Spa Adriana’s new hair color hue, “Red Velvet,” a decadent shade to heat things up this season.

“Hair colors this winter are warmer, with a deeper base color than your natural base at the roots,” said Adriana Vater, co-founder and Creative Director, Spa Adriana. “Red Velvet captures this trend by warming up your existing shade, or turning heads with a new hue, a rich, chocolaty merlot.”

Red Velvet is beautiful for all hair colors and types. For blondes, deeper roots blend into sunshine gold shades toward the ends. Brunette locks are deliciously cocoa, and reds are a smooth, velvety wine. Aveda Full Spectrum hair color delivers long-lasting color with exceptional shine with formulas that are up to 99% naturally derived.

Red Velvet pairs well with the “it” cut of 2015, a reboot of the classic shag. “This is a more structured, piecey cut with lots of texture,” said Vater. “It’s a modern style, updated from that feathered Joan Jett-version of the past.”  

Cropping fine hair to a shorter length will add fullness. For curly hair, stretch your strands while blowdrying them to keep the texture with a looser curl. All hair can benefit from Aveda Dry Remedy Oil, which instantly moisturizers up to 41% and adds softness and shine.  

Red Velvet is available now through the end of February. Call our appointment hotline today at (631) 351-1555.


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