Bridal 101: Survival Guide to the Perfect Look

Village Connection June 2013

Photo by John Vater of Spa Adriana
Hair and Makeup by Spa Adriana in Huntington,

A woman’s wedding day is the most important day in her life, however it can also be the most stressful.  As all eyes and cameras will be on you, you’ll want to make sure you look perfect. However, achieving your overall look doesn’t have to be stressful.  Just follow these simple tips.

First, start with the dress.  Shopping for a wedding dress can be fun; as long as you don’t expect that the first dress you try on will be “the one.”  Have some patience and you will eventually find your dream dress.

This season, look for dresses that add drama and romance to your wedding day.   Forget about last year’s drop-waist, look for a fitted waist that is sculpted and hugs your curves.  And, you don't have to stick with the traditional bell-shaped skirt.  Dimensional details are big this season in fabric flowers and swirls.

Now that you’ve picked your dress, you need to think about your hairstyle. The good news is that there are plenty of new, modern and trendy wedding hairstyles for 2013.  No matter what length your hair is, you can find a style that will fit your personality and the look of your wedding.  It is a good idea to go for your fittings with your hair and make up done.  This will help you get the complete picture so you can decide on the look you want to achieve.

At Spa Adriana, the Huntington, NY, award-winning Aveda lifestyle salon and spa, we are seeing a twist on a style that never will go out of fashion.  Try a modern take on a classic up-sweep and you will turn into a Princess.  To get this glamorous look, smooth up swept sides and pull back with large pin curls.  Combine these curls with crimped ribbons or lighter hair extensions. Combine extensions and flowers for a contrast to the smooth hair.  Finish off, by roughing up the style a little to soften the look.

Don’t forget about starting that beauty routine  five to six months before your wedding.  Begin by taking good care of yourself from the inside out by incorporating some wellness rituals into your daily routine.  This will help guarantee smooth, clear skin later down the road.  Try some of these tips.

Drink daily at least half your body weight in ounces of water
Get at least eight hours of restful sleep a night
The night before your wedding, take a therapeutic calming aromatic bath in the evening with Aveda Stress-Fix™ Soaking Salts.
Monthly facials will help ensure healthy glowing skin.
Tourmaline charged radiance fluid will help exfoliate your skin and minimize lines.

Most importantly, three to four months before your wedding is the time to book consultations with your wedding hairstylist and makeup artists.  This is your chance to do a trial run of your wedding day look -- we recommend having your appointment earlier in the day so you can see how long the look will last.  Take plenty of pictures so you can see how your look transfers to film and so your wedding makeup artist or hairstylist can re-create the look later.

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