Spa Adriana Presents Maya Spa Therapies

Maya means balance. Mesoamerica is one of the six cradles of civilization. The Mayan influence in architecture, science and medicine is present in todays society. 

The Mayan influenced architecture and replicas of Mayan art make up Spa Adriana's decor and provide a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere, creating the background for your restorative and relaxing journey to the Maya Spa experience.

Most everyday activities take their toll on our bodies and spirits. Rejuvenation is Spa Adriana's purpose. Our approach to beauty is through health and wellness. Leave behind the days stress and enjoy a restorative visit with one of our Aveda spa body services. From our scalp massage during shampooing to a full-days soothing and nurturing spa experience, Spa Adriana's licensed stylists, estheticians, therapists and specialized associates are committed to providing the most professional treatments available.